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The project is originated from the idea initiated by TRIS Corporation Limited, the company who specializes in organizational consultancy and system management, to build their new office space. The workplace is expected to not only reflect TRIS’ philosophy and identity but to also serve as a healthy and inspiring work environment for all the staffs of the company where creative thinking and quality of life are valued, and where employees take pride in themselves and the company they work for. 


The change comes in the shape and form of a floor plan redesigned with the use of a simplified diagram. The design development process begins with the workspaces for the company’s department heads as well as the common area, which includes the small, medium and big meeting rooms. Located at the center of the new floor plan, this particular section of functional spaces requires a proper enclosure. The space is partitioned into different individual rooms to obtain a greater sense of privacy as IF determines the interior functionality of each room with the varying characteristics of materials and lighting design. The staffs’ workspaces and reception area demand for the more opened and connected program to enable internal communication and collaboration. The area is pushed towards the rim of the floor plan lined near the openings for a great access to natural light. 

From the main entrance, visitors are greeted with the reception area and a corridor that connects to the meeting rooms of various sizes. The number of meeting rooms is increased to sufficiently accommodate the actual demands of users, with sizes that range from two small meeting rooms for small team and staff meetings, to one medium and one large meeting room designed for the more official conferences. With the use of materials and furniture, each room possesses its own decorative style and ambience that correspond with the natures of users and types of meeting that will take place. Also included as a part of this functional space is a storage room that keeps the office’s documents. Towards the other half of the floor plan are private offices of the heads of the company’s departments, with each room properly partitioned with a visual access to the subordinates’ workspaces. 


The pantry is designed to be open to create a relaxing and casual mood for employees to enjoy their breaks. The staffs’ main working area is realized for each individual space to have its own definite boundary and privacy while the access between units is still carefully facilitated. One work unit comprises of a desk, chair, a cabinet and a personal calendar board. Exposed concrete floor becomes the material of choice for this particular functional area for its ability to accommodate heavier usage. The white lighting tone is intentionally designed to keep the staffs energetic during their working hours.

The co-working space is located to the farthest end of the floor. Walled off with transparent glass panels, the zone welcomes natural light throughout the day. The use of wood, decoration and warm lighting collectively contribute to the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the space. The common area is designed to be a space where staffs can meet, talk and exchange ideas including hold small casual meetings as well as take a quick break from their static office postures during the day or enjoy a little privacy when taking a private phone call. 


Not only does the design refuse to compromise on delivering the best aesthetic outcome and maximized functional space, but it also creates a new office space that embodies the vision of TRIS Corporation Limited’s executives and organizational culture. 


Their intention can be seen in the attention to details and preferences they have for the projects including other key components in the company’s mechanism. The ethos is expressed through little gimmicks such as images and inspirational quotes of famous figures found sporadically in the common area, meeting rooms and the staffs’ workspaces. These little details aim to motivate creativity, inspiration and minimize both mental and physical stress that their staffs may experience. Photographs and graphics are used to symbolically communicate and promote constructive thoughts and reminders as well as positive employee conduct within the workplace. 

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Bangkok, Thailand

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.) 

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)





Ketsiree Wongwan

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