" The public fulfills the democracy "

One person becomes the representative for million people.
One vote becomes the power of democracy.

This proposed design of the new Thai parliament intend to encourage people who own this country to participate more in the democracy system, both functionally and symbolically. This parliament will have 3 important parts those will represent the people who will be using them.

The representative's office

to remind the representatives of their responsibility as a " voice of the people "

The people's plaza

to " connect " people with the Parliament
The hall of parliament

to let people from outside see their representatives meeting which represents the " participation " in democracy system.

According to the site location on the riverfront of main river of Thailand, we proposed this new parliament as a part of this river and also the " Upstream of the democracy " in term of symbolic meaning.


Therefore, we use the water as a tool to define area on the people's plaza to define the boundary of usage area in different occasions. Furthermore, it can be used as a security controlling system and activity area defining as well.






Site area

Gross area


Samsen Rd., Bangkok

Council of Representatives, Thai government

Prof. Vimolsiddhi  Horayangkura, Ph.D. (Advisor)
Kavin  Horayangkura
Korkiat  Kittisoponpong
Gullyawat  Lertpeerakorn
Kirin  Tanglertpanya
Kanin  Mantanachart
Piya  Limpiti
Pongson  Suwanmaneechot
Worawut  Oer-areemitr
Wipavee  Kueasirikul
Sorakit  Kitcharoenroj
Sasicholwaree  Sawatdisawanee

Research and Design

120 Rai (192000 sq.m.)

​300,000 sq.m.


10 finalist


Overall view from main approach