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A space of  such  flexible qualities.

" Designed to host a vast array of functionalities, the functional program’s adjustability is made possible by the roller blind system installed on the triangular roof structure. "

Sanctuaries were built upon people’s faith to worship the gods, palaces constructed with commoners’ loyalty to their rulers, theatres bring humans joy and will to inherit and continue their cultures. 


In the past, architecture was built to last until the end of time.


No one ever thought that one day, holy place becomes a café, a palace reimagined into a museum and a theater gets transformed into a co-working space.! (and perhaps a souvenir shop or an Airbnb accommodation to generate some extra income).


With the world turning exponentially fast, to keep up with the changing economic, social and cultural changes, architecture is being forced to adjust, to have more diversified programs that are more adaptable. Technologies have been applied for empty spaces to accommodate more functionalities.

Platform is a space of such flexible qualities. Designed to host a vast array of functionalities, the functional program’s adjustability is made possible by the roller blind system installed on the triangular roof structure. The blinds allow greater variation to the way the space is divided. The lighting system is designed to provide ambiences for diverse activities, from spot lights with adjustable angles and localizations, strip lights hidden on the roller blinds’ cassettes that generate indirect light to floor and the triangular canvas installed on the ceiling.

There are pyramid-shaped lights inside the pyramid-shaped canvas. Both the aforementioned lighting sources are LED bulbs with changeable colors controlled using different circuits, allowing the colors to mix and curate the desired moods and tones.

The pyramid forms on the ceiling are located in the positions that can illuminate the special functionalities happening inside the program such as the stage or an area of an event that requires extra user attention. One of the walls is clad with mirror, offering a studio-like space for workout and yoga classes. Another wall has polycarbonate sliding doors that grants the space connectivity to the outside while bringing natural light to the interior space. Both walls can be covered with curtains to adjust to various functionalities and activities.


All these corresponding elements enable the space to host different types of activity such as exercise and yoga classes, performances, movie screening sessions, art workshops, playgrounds, parties, dance floor, etc.

Apart from the main space, Platform also includes several other special functionalities. 

The main lobby can be adjusted to serve different with furniture that can change the space into a souvenir shop, beverage bar and cocktail bar. 

Kitchen Station is ideal for cooking-related activities such as cooking classes and workshops, chef tables, etc.


The small studio can host intense exercise sessions with track system installed to the roof’s structure for activities that need the use of ceiling to support overhanging equipment.


The multi-functional ground can host many activities and is also the space where furniture storage is located. Everything from tables with foldable legs, round tables with removable legs and stacking chairs with trolleys, are designed to use the least storage space with the movability that allows more convenient relocation. 


With the online world gradually undermining human interactions in the physical world, offline activities that can correspond more spontaneously to the rapidly changing society and technology become more important to the development of humans’ coexistence at a family and societal scale. Spaces with indefinite functional program will become a pivotal tool to accommodate varying human activities, and inspire the births of things that will help bring people together.

Building Type


Interior Designer


Lighting Designer

Environmental graphic


Bangkok, Thailand

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

Department of ARCHITECTURE Co.

Accent Studio






Interior 350 sq.m.



DOF Sky | Ground

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