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" KLOEM literally means to be in a dreamy state or half-awake state which represents the feeling of enjoying that moment so much you hardly know if it is real or just a dream. "

KLOEM literally means to be in a dreamy state or half-awake state which represents the feeling of enjoying that moment so much you hardly know if it is real or just a dream.

Bangkok city is one of the most popular tourism cities and it has been changing so fast to response with growing numbers of visitors. Many developments have turned the small residential area into dense commercial district. Phayathai district has become one of those areas. And with the existing of the Airport Rail Link station that brings visitors from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to right there, in the middle of the city, it makes this area one of the welcoming gate for all visitors and becomes the URBAN FACADE that will give the

rough image representing our city.

Anyhow, despite this fast change, Phetchaburi Soi 5 (AKA Soi Kingpetch) located in Phayathai district is one of the area that still have their own character as it had before. The trace of living since 1990’s with the small local shops, restaurants, laundry, home stay places, and such, along with the very friendly neighborhood atmosphere give this place a certain vibe that can reflect the way of

living of the genuine Bangkok.

And within this neighborhood, there lies 2 ordinary small wooden houses that is becoming old just the same as their friends around them. With this quality and location, these decades-old buildings have an interesting quality to represent the character of local Bangkok vibe through their own space and their neighborhood, and it finally has become the place called “KLOEM HOSTEL”.

The main design approach for this project was to design this space based on as much as possible existing structure and material by focusing on “repairing” and “adding”. Firstly, the existing structure was kept as the way it is. Then, all wooden walls were removed to be repaired, polished, and repainted. Even in the details such as the window frames, they were kept the way they were, yet we’ve added the glass as a new layer to let the natural light in but still able to use air-conditioned system. The space planning was

rearranged to suit with the new usage as a hostel.

For the space management, the bigger building consists of a four-bedded and six-bedded women dormitory with shared toilets / shower space in the back on the ground floor and 2 three-bedded, 1 four-bedded and 1 six-bedded men dormitory on the upper level. The Bed with working table, locker, and shelf for self-decoration is designed for these specific rooms with a soft curtain as a divider for privacy. The smaller building consists of 2 private rooms and 3 bathrooms on the ground floor with 3 more private rooms with recreation deck on the upper level.


With limited space, IF proposed the additional double height space defined by black steel structure which act as a welcoming / recreation / dining area and also a transitional space that leads guests to the upper level. On the upper level of this space, IF provides the big net floor for guests to sit back and relaxingly enjoy themselves. This double height space is also connected to the inner court to provide the refreshing green space for guests while using this common space.

This integration of the new steel structure whose representing the present time with these 2 existing wooden buildings gives KLOEM HOSTEL the right atmosphere and introducing Bangkok to visiting guests like the “good old folks” of the neighborhood would.




Interior Architect

Landscape Architect

Lighting Designer

Graphic Designer & Signage Contractor

Structural Engineer

Phetchaburi Soi 5, Bangkok, Thailand

Vannakarn Kijkunasatien

IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)

IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)

Pailin Chumplang

Kullakaln Gururatana

Pakaporn Penpayap and

Ketkarn Damrongwattanapoki

Boonchu Sedchaicharn

M & E


Main contractor





Teerawut Phuikhan

Pattra Erikittipong, Nattasiri Hansapinyo, Savitree Jeamkijrung and Pontapan Sangwaraporn

Rattanaphon Development


Architecture 355 sq.m.

Landscape 138 sq.m.

Nov 2016

May 2018


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