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" This project was focused on how to develop this mixed-use space in the most proper way for living and working. "

Mixed-use buildings such as shop-house or home-office have been one of a big composition of Bangkok city for quite some time, and they also have been developed in many ways. Yet usually they were built as simple buildings with minimal requirements and later would need lots of modification or addition by the users.


For this project, HOF : Home & Office, IF was focusing on how to develop this mixed-use space in the most proper way for living and working. At first, the area was separated in the lower and upper levels. The lower one is for the working space that is more accessible and the upper one is for the living space that would need more privacy.

To serve working space, the parking area has been sunken and 4-5 parking spots are provided for each unit by increasing the width of the each unit to

6.30 m.

Also with this width, the service core consisting of stairs, toilets, pantry and system shaft can be packed into one side of the building and left the functional space to be open plan with flexible usage in future.

This also creates the cross ventilation from the front to the back of the building. With double space provided, the 1st floor and mezzanine are connected which gives the flow to working space. The support for working area such as the power outlets, LAN connection docks or else is prepared within this area to give the best performance of working.

For the living space, the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is the main focus. The provision of internal open court with enough space for various activities is the main idea to achieve that. It would also bring ventilation and natural light into the building. The gable roof gives the higher ceiling on the 3rd floor and created the characteristic for this level as well.


Since each family and office would have different requirements, the structure and planning were designed with this concern and are able to be expanded or modified if needed. 




Mockup Unit Mood

Corporate Identity

Structural Engineer

Mechanical Engineer



Main Contractor​

Sukhumvit 101/1, Bangkok, Thailand


IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

Wongnicha Serbwongchart

Symbolist Co.,Ltd.

Piyapong Suwanmaneechot

Nopparat Kedkaw

Mongkol Pichayakittisin

Sadayu engineer Co.,Ltd.

Scope of work







286 sq.m. / unit

1,144 sq.m (Phase 1)

Mar 2013

Mar 2015 (Phase 1)

Ketsiree Wongwan

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