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A momentous journey through different scenes

" When various sounds are composed and state of audience is set, then the circumstance shall become a performance. "

Hearing sound is obviously different from listening music.

When various sounds are composed and state of audience is set, then the circumstance shall become a performance.

As an architect, we seek to find the profile angle of approaching the nature; To create the architecture as the instrument. To invite the nature to be the musician. To define the whole place as the cosmic theatre. By witnessing the nature performance, body would be healed and the soul would be purged. And it is obviously different from merely observing the pure nature.

Physically, the site has a unique topographical anatomy. We place the public facilities along the ridge, cascaded and shuffled down the contour. As the ridge line is located almost in the center of the site, it helps enhancing ease of access for the guest from accommodation area. Guests will walk down through the gap between buildings, facing eastward and northward to the ocean, experiencing a momentous journey through different scenes.

As a composer, the whispering sound from the site cannot be disregarded. We need to understand the orientation and topography to be able to create the memorable shows.

Act 1: The Welcome Light

As the top part of the land, one can have experience the morning light from the east and evening light from the west without obstruction. The entering is committed to offer guest the personalized experience during the different daytime. When the sun starts choiring the hall, which located in perfect east-west condition on the highest part of the ridge, the light will create different atmosphere through the day.

Act 2: The Dancing Wind

A beach front hill is expected an immense amount of wind and the lobby pavilion is located there to visualize them. With its lightness, the ceiling element is able to generates the tangible flow of the wind that blows through the void on the pavilion roof.

Act 3: The Healing Water

The swale is a concrete evidence which reveal the trace of water that run through the site. The stone weirs are piled up to create the waterfall effect in rainy season and let the local vegetations grow during dry season. The wellness spa will witness this natural perpetually change.

Act 4: The Fiery Rock

Down to the sea, the rock-scape along the coastline become the signature dining scene at the very signature geological site’s element. Edge and angle as well as calm and strength, all these properties will be highlighted by the movement of the flame.

Act 5: The Permeating Ground

The villa that challenge the usual way of resort living. Introduce a guest an ambiguous sense between interior and exterior, bring back the true sense of tropical living space. The rooms are set apart in different angle as fit in variant landform. Increase the flexibility of building allocation in different site condition.

Each act is performed by the same performer and the same instrument, yet the performance would continuously change regarding the cosmic moment and the individual perception.

Design Team

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