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Without question, nowadays, technology has become one of the most fundamental things in many people’s lives and the speed of the development has been increased continuously. To prepare and give our young generation a proper and fun learning environment, ‘’ has launched a new project called, “bit.playground” and IF is assigned with the responsibility of front façade and layout design.


The main purpose of this 450 sq.m. ‘interactive digital playground’ in Helix building, the Emquartier Shopping Mall is to create the space that is inviting and inspiring people especially the young ones to experience the importance of the technology through playing. Therefore, the design approach for this project is to make the simple and clean space with the tone of white to let all interactive stand outs the most.


For the front facade, IF proposed the idea to use the ball from the ball pond to give the familiar look of fun to the kids. All these white balls are attached together though embroidering and mixed with spin-able circular white wooden plates in some part below the height of 1.20 m to create the dynamic and interaction for the passerby kids. And also, the gap between the plate and the ball would allow the people from outside to do the sneak peek of the inside atmosphere

This white ball-wall leads the people to inside while the layered plywood reception counter in the entrance area give the warmth, softness and friendliness to balance this digital oriented space.


The space for playing and exploring in the world of imagination through interactive technology is divided into 10 zones. All these play areas are set along the wall to use the it as a canvas for the contents from the projectors to shine on and also leave the space in the middle to be a free space for the intro / outro of the activities.


These 10 zones created by ‘’ are


1. Dinoroar - Hatch your dinosaur: the play space which allows kids to draw on the dinosaur egg which later will hatch into the digital world


2. Shadow Forest - Bring your shadow to life: The hand shadow animal you have created will become digitally alive.


3. Land & Sea - Discover wild creatures and natural wonders: The learning and exercise of the muscle through making shape of sand that would create the sky and sea according to that shape

4. Little Records - Compose your special song


5. Magical Kite - Color up kite and make it Alive!

6. Live Puppet - Sing, dance, act, be who you want to be through the Motion Detector


7. Sansiri Town - Let’s explore Snasiri tow: The exploration in Sansiri Town through your avatar which you can collect points and coins


8. Pizza Whizza - Animate your pizza slice: Learn how to make pizza with your own preferable flavors


9. 3D Grand Prix - Build your car and race!: Make your own race car with clay and race with your friends. The race will be shown in a big screen on the wall


10. Graphic Ball Pool - Float in your drawing: The drawing you have made will become the digital graphical rain fall from above while you playing in the ball pond


‘bit.playground’ is an attempt to integrate the innovation and creativeness together through technology such as AR, Machine Learning, Motion Detector or 3D scanning, which IF has tried to use design approach to support this space to its full potential and give the visitors the best fun and learning experience possible.

Building Type


Interior Architect

Electric Engineer

Lighting Designer

Digital Playground

Bangkok, Thailand

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)


Kullakaln Gururatana





Interior 450 sq.m.



Panoramic Studio

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