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" Give the relaxing and blending-in experience for people who come to visit. "

KOKULO BEACH CLUB is a beachfront Restaurant and Bar surrounded with pines, reefs and canal with its local community, in Khaolak, Phangnga, Thailand. With the panoramic view of the beachfront as a starting point, this project was aimed to create a place that both visitors who come to dine, drink, think or chill at this place, and people who staying in the hotel rooms in the back can both enjoy themselves with this view.

To prevent this beach club from obstructing the view from the hotel resident, we try to erase the back of the building by using the lawn on the ground continuously as a roof which make the wall seems “DISAPPEAR”. On the other side of the roof becomes space that fits in with program that link the activities and nature into the building. The shape and the space of this beach club becomes “APPEARS” to the sea. Each area under this green roof has different characters to suit its activity.

Main dining area was design to feel like having a meal in your vacation home with an eclectic look represent through a long kitchen counter station while the dining space is set to be comfortably loose, opened and flexible for various activities.

The bar which located closer to the beach is designed to reflect the natural aesthetic. The glittering ocean surface and the horizon can be seen in the mirror wall which make the bar itself blending in with the surrounding as well.

The triangular lap pool top is flatten as much as possible to be the same level as the beach which creates the seamless boundary to the ocean while swimming.


With all design approaches mentioned earlier, this KOKULO BEACH CLUB tends to give the relaxing and blending-in experience for people who come to visit.

Building type




Interior Architect

Landscape Architect

Lighting Designer

Structural engineer

Electrical Engineer

Sanitary Engineer

Main contractor

D&W contractor

Bar and restaurant

Khuk Khak, Takuapa, Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province

Star Home Beach Resort Co.,Ltd.

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

Nopporn Sakulwigitsinthu


SITE 83 Co.,Ltd.

SITE 83 Co.,Ltd.

VASI Co.,Ltd.

D&W (ASIA) Ltd.





Architecture 890 sq.m.

 - Restaurant 470 sq.m.

 - Bar 300 sq.m.

 - Storage 120 sq.m.

Landscape 1,428 sq.m.



IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

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