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A newer aspect of Bangkokian


" The particular mixture between the existing (past) and additional (present) essence of culture, environment,

architectural elements and soul. "

Originally, Soi Nana in Charoen Krung district is well known for a herbal pharmacy area. It was just recently that this area has became more appealing in a newer aspect as one of the new interesting area to the Bangkokian since new gallery, bars, cafe or hotel has emerged in this area with the particular mixture between the existing(past) and additional(present) essence of culture,

environment, architectural elements and soul. Bā Hào (⼋號, literally means No.8), a 4 storey BAR & HOTEL resides at No.8 in the corner of Soi Nana, is one of those new additional elements that has been integrated into this district.

When removed all existing storage room walls that prevents the space from the natural light and ventilation, the building’s structure, space

and decoration appears to be beautiful already, despite the old-age and damage. So the main approach of the design is to preserve the

essence of this 70 years old building and just develop the additional elements to give the right chemistry between old and new elements.

For the Chinese Bar on the 1st floor, the setting of the Bar & Kitchen is the most important issue that affects the whole space of this area. With Chinese influence of the district, the lighting and color tone of this space is mostly based in red color combining with wooden and marble furniture while blue terrazzo bar counter, booth seating and counter in the restroom helps balancing the overall mood.

On the 2nd floor present a co-living space that was at first designated to be a room but was changed during restoring process due to the potential quality of the space. The existing wooden floor gives warm feeling along with set of vintage furniture from the collection of one of the partners of this place. This space becomes space for people to gather and relax with various kinds of activities.

The 3rd and 4th floor have one room on each floor with their own character. On the 3rd floor, the glass wall between the bedroom and the bathroom give a full potential of this green and brown room to be at its biggest possible while the 4th floor has a specifically located window that open to Wat Traimitr’s golden temple view.

The co-living space and the 2 rooms on 2nd to 4th floor are named after the 3 roads that run towards 22nd JULY Circle (Wongwian 22) which are “มิตรพันธ์” (Mit-tra-pun = Confederate), “ไมตรีจิตร” (Mai-tri-jit = Friendliness) and “สันติภาพ” (Sun-ti-pap = Peace) respectively.

With the same approach with interior design, the facade of the building was designed to keep most of the existing building essence. All the window size and proportion are referring to its neighbor while the proportion of the building facade was treated to look 3 storeys tall. This idea is not just to make Bā Hào blend in with its neighbor but at the same time give respect to the old history of this area.

Bar and Airbnb

8 Soi Nana (Chinatown) Mitrichit road, Pomprap Sattruphai, Bangkok, 10110

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.) and

Kullakaln Gururatana

IF (Integrated Field co.,ltd.)

Building Type



Interior Designer

Landscape Architect

Lighting Designer

Environmental graphic





Interior 192 sq.m.



Ketsiree Wongwan

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